Ordinary People | An Australian Documentary (2002)

Traction (2018)

DIRECTED & EDITED on 16mm B&W film By Kit Guyatt  | 1972
PRODUCED By Charles Little
DIGITALLY REMASTERED By Chrystine A Walter | 2018
DVD DESIGN & ARTWORK By Chrystine A Walter | 2018
MASTER Lodged with National Film and Sound Archives (NFSA) | 2018
CHOREOGRAPHY By Dorothy Steane

DVD Cover

Once again, in 2018, working with Kit Guyatt updating this work.

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Production Notes


PDF Cast & Crew Notes: Released 2002

Executive Producer: Stefan Moore, Producer: Martha Ansara, Jennifer Rutherford (co producer), Director: Jennifer Rutherford, Editor: Kit Guyatt, Graphic Artist (media montages): Chrystine Walter

PDF of Production Notes

Stupideo Info Overview

"From The Film Australia Collection. Made by Film Australia 2001. Directed by Jennifer Rutherford.


This revealing documentary follows One Nation candidate Colene Hughes over two years and two elections as her idealistic fervour slowly turns to disillusionment. Initially for Colene and her supporters, One Nation seems to offer true democracy and a way of knocking the country back into shape. But when Colene starts to question the control of party leaders, the gloves come off and, at the party’s annual general meeting, the two forces collide." Source:


National Film and Sound Archives

"A Film Australia National Interest Program produced with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission, the NSW Film and Television Office and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Far right and anti-immigration politics are on the rise worldwide. In Australia, as in many other western countries, a new political force is drawing on the discontent of those who feel excluded from the promised benefits of globalisation."

For Teachers

Level: Secondary, Tertiary, Lifelong Learning

Relevant for tertiary studies in areas such as Political Studies, History, Media and Cultural Studies. Of particular relevance for NSW History Stage 5, Topic 7 'People Power and Politics in the Post-war Period'.

Also useful for trainers in areas of anti-racism.

As screened on

ABC, 14/3/2002
ABC, 28/1/2003
ABC2, 20/5/2007
ABC2, 20/5/2007
ABC2, 21/5/2007


Source: National Film & Sound Archives

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Chrystine Walter - documentary credits

Ordinary People | Australia

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