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Visual Crush is a Blue Mountains-based organisation. It has been the freelance business of Chrystine A Walter (BA Comms) since 2002.

I have worked with government agencies, local government, companies, NGOs and SMEs – those who are serious about maximising the power of the written word and images in delivery of projects and media arts.

Visual Crush can provide experience in the implementation of communication plans and strategies including:

  • media relations, online content, scripts, templates
  • media channels defined | print, digital, web - marketing
  • background analysis such as briefing notes, business research, surveys
  • technical production skills such as Adobe CS6 Suite
  • online reporting using online analytics such as AW Stats
  • project scheduling using MSProject for deadlines, milestones. Stakeholder status reporting
  • production of marketing materials such as cover art, information sheets, flyers, logos and themed graphics.


The objective is to deliver quality projects with successful cost-effective outcomes and to facilitate best practice by applying due diligence of PMBOK PMO standards.



About Visual Crush

This page provides case studies for a range of complex and detailed strategic projects.





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